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What games to look forward to in April

April release
April release
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After a month of major releases, there are a few more to come out in April worth noting.

April 2

Defiance - With a beta readily available, there is a buzz about this title. It's described as an online, open world shooter that's futuristic. Having not tried the beta out yet, I cannot comment on what's great about this game.

April 16

Injustice: Gods Among Us - NetheRealm Studios' follow up to the legendary Mortal Kombat reboot will involve less blood, and the DC license. Hoping to be an improvement over DC vs MK Universe from a few years back, this title will use the same fighting engine that was used in MK 9. There will be a large cast of playable characters, and it's also available on the Wii U.

April 23

Dead Island Riptide - The sequel to the excellent, yet buggy Dead Island progresses the story after leaving the island. The military ship crashes and the crew becomes infected. With new characters and weapons, hopefully Riptide gets a smooth release.


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