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Whale Wars season 5 premiers today June 1

Humpback whales are endangered and protected throughout the world
Humpback whales are endangered and protected throughout the world
Patricia Sullivan 2010

The phenomenon known as Whale Wars begins its fifth season tonight on Animal Planet. The rousingly popular series chronicles the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s genius ongoing struggle to end Japanese whaling in the Antarctic.

From the Whale Wars website: “It’s not about whales. It’s about 42 crazy die-hards with a mission”. That mission is to do what no one else on earth will or can do, or has done to protect whales from being hunted and killed.

“Not only do we face an adversary that is very determined to do us harm, but we’re also running a campaign in the harshest environment on this planet. And we’re down here alone”. Ship Operations Officer Peter Hammarstedt

See The Making of Whale Wars – a fascinating, in-depth view into a show unlike any other, and the brave people who make it a reality.

Follow the on their website

Check local listings for show times in your area. Show airs 9PM Eastern time.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) founded by Whale Wars' Captain Paul Watson celebrates thirty-five years of marine wildlife protection, education, advocacy and activism and "defending and saving defenseless marine life". Click here to view a timeline and details of SSCS history and remarkable accomplishments.


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