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Welsh black triangle UFO reflects occult psychology of militarized societies

An editor for the British Economic Voice reported on Dec. 12, 2012, how he and his family sighted a black triangular UFO while driving at night in open country just north of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. In the article, Richard Henley Davis described the incident in a way that reflected similar testimony from a Cardiff University research director who photographed a cluster of lights from a nearby location in 2008.

The eye of self-knowledge will open when human society sacrifices material ambitions for the sake of a spiritual ideal.
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What the Davis family saw was described as two very bright downwards-pointing lights in the sky that approached their vehicle in an eerily silent way considered “very unnerving” by the witnesses.

UFO Mountains

One source describes how the Brecon Beacons were named for the ancient practice of lighting signal fires on mountains. The etymological significance of ancient luminous UFOs appearing near local peaks (like those recorded on Mt. Adams in Washington State) provides an opportunity for further exploration of an apparently underreported or now-suppressed dimension of Powys history.

Heavily Armed

The editor explained how, as a local resident, he was familiar with how engines from low-flying military aircraft can “frighten the daylights” out of observers.

The town of Brecon is home to the British Army’s Infantry Battle School, 160th (Wales) Brigade and the kukri-bearing Gurkha Company (Mandalay), all of whom (along with the Special Air Services) reportedly use the Brecon Beacons area as a military training ground.

Expecting to resolve the form of a C-130 Hercules military transport in flight, the editor stated how as the object drew closer he “caught a glimpse of a green light on the underside” before noticing how “there were another two green lights all at the other corners of what turned out to be a large black triangular shaped craft.”

Justice Served?

The ironic nature of his encounter did not escape the witness.

Richard Henley Davis, who has has penned a number of CIA Operation Mockingbird-like articles citing “little green men,” “conspiracy theory nut jobs” and “Chinese lanterns” explained that due to “poetic justice,” he is now a public participant in an emerging global community that understands how this planet’s skies serve as a staging ground for contact between civilizations; whether human, breakaway or ET.

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Encounters Academic

Known as a hotspot for UFOs, the Breacon Beacons served as the staging ground for a 2008 encounter whose principle witness was Dr. Simon Griffey, currently research director for the Doctorate in Educational Psychology program at Cardiff University. The British Sun newspaper reported on June 27, 2008 how seven lights over Talybont-on-Usk were accompanied by “no noise whatsoever” in a way that was “a bit eerie.”

The Tavistock Clinic-trained educational psychologist told the Sun how his son’s camera only captured three of the seven lights, while the crew of a South Wales police helicopter were unable to record a sighting that took place 90 minutes later using their on-board surveillance equipment.

“If it had been a natural phenomenon you surely would have been able to photograph all of it,” he stated, adding how from his educator’s perspective, the concept of life on other planets remains “plausible.”

An online source clarifies the Tavistock Clinic’s 1922 founding in London as “a psychological warfare research center.”

Black Pyramid

The Sun article from 2008 ended cryptically with an account of how the BBC claimed any reports of UFO incidents in South Wales were unrelated to the Cardiff-based television production “Doctor Who.”

The fictional “Doctor Who” is chief protagonist in a long-running BBC television series about a vortal time-travelling extraterrestrial whose “Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS)” machine aids in accomplishing missions that include saving civilizations, helping ordinary people and serving justice to wrongdoers.

According to the online TARDIS Index File which serves in part as a “Doctor Who” wiki, the “Cult of the Black Pyramid” was comprised of members who appeared in the show as opponents of Doctor Who. Their reported aims included finding both the Eye of Horus and a related Black Pyramid in order to facilitate the expression of divine powers from within.

Mere Shadows

In yoga psychology, the Yantra or visual vibratory signature of the acoustic waveforms associated with the Ajina chakra (a gateway to cosmic consciousness located behind the forehead in the human body) includes an inverted winged pyramid.

From a symbolic perspective, the absence of self-awareness or knowledge of one’s individual connection to a conscious universe can be portrayed as the occultation of a pyramidical structure such as the one found in the Ajina chakra yantra.

In other words, this ancient concept from yoga serves to define the underlying symbolic significance of a black-ops pyramid of mass ignorance as it is known in contemporary western society.

According to yoga, when the veil of shadows surrounding the path to self-knowledge is lifted, complete merger into a blissful individual enlightenment ensues, bringing with it the potential for an accompanying all-inclusive paradisiacal society.

The teachings of Shiva (a master yoga instructor who lived in India @7500 ago) explain how “Self-knowledge is the real knowledge - all other knowledge is a mere shadow of knowledge and will not lead to the realization of the truth.”

UFOs and Spirituality

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