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"Welles House" Ghost Hunter provides 100% paranormal activity

"On Saturday Feb. 15th, the LiveSciFi extreme ghost hunters will be streaming live their investigation of the haunted "Welles House" of Wilkes Barre, PA. Tim Wood of LiveSciFi staying inside the haunted house for 48 hours straight, they will be streaming the paranormal investigation live worldwide via YouTube." The Welles House has also been noted to be the "Amityville Horror" house of Pa.

Welles House Pa's Amityville Horror House
Welles House

Infamous Welles House will be the subject of investigation this weekend headed by Tim Wood, David Spinks and John Zaffis. The house has an intense history of haunts including a man that apparently dropped over dead out front of it back in the 1800's.

"The house on 46 South Welles Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA was built around 1860 by Augustus C. Laning. Augustus Laninglanning shocking death welles (1808-1875) was one of the first industrialists to come to Wilkes-Barre. He lived there until he sold his company in 1869. Soon after the home was built, there were a number of odd deaths that occurred on Welles Street and tragedy hit Mr. Laning's fortunes. Laning's factories burned to the ground in 1850, and death on welles streethe lost his nephew in a terrible lightning accident. His nephew was working with the horses in the barn when a bolt of lightning hit the barn and the barn caught fire. He was trapped under the carcass of a horse who had been killed in the fire and was unable to get out of the barn and he also perished."

"Known as Pennsylvania's own Amityville horror house, 46 South Welles Street was widely reported in the 70's as being a more dangerous haunting than Amityville. After living in the house for a month in 2013 and being face to face with extreme paranormal and demonic activity, Tim Wood [LiveSciFi creator and lead ghost hunter] decided to buy it last December."

Tim Woods has 15 years experience with the paranormal and stated that this is one of the most haunted houses he has been in yet. "Very negative" as he stated, I myself do not like the feeling I get looking at the pictures of the house, a very uneasy feeling indeed.

John Zaffis, America's most "Haunted" man will be sharing his 30 years experience in the field as well.

Woods is working on a documentary on the house as well as a live stream this weekend. The house in fact looks and feels like it will in fact prove itself to be 100% paranormal.

Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine will be covering this story as well!

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