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Welcome Spring

Wow, doesn’t it seem like we’ve been stuck in the winter months for far too long? Even today, here in Michigan, the calendar may welcome spring but old man winter hasn’t quite let go; it’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit and getting even colder this weekend and into next week.

Can you feel the sun? You might have to close your eyes for this vision. Remember, it starts with the sun.

So, considering all of this how can we get spring into our step and motivate Mother Nature to follow?

I’ve created a list to encourage our minds to get into a renewal mode:

  1. Start spring-cleaning. communicates, “The first step in clearing out your clutter lies in finding the items you no longer really need... finding these items lies in finding your dust.” Cleaning your space not only reduces the allergens in your home but the action associated with uncluttering helps to soothe mental anguish too.
  2. Engaging in home improvement projects like freshening up with paint cleans up an area nicely and gifts feelings of renewal. provides a simple “to do” to encourage your spring endeavors; it’s just one click away!
  3. Regardless if the sun is shining or not, open the curtains and let the light into your home. And, as soon as the weather permits, open a window for fresh air. Click here to view Google photos full of feelings to help you step into the light.
  4. Pinterest presents beautiful spring-like pictures depicting colorful jewelry and clothing.
  5. It might be a bit early for blossoming outdoor flowers but you can still purchase a floral arrangement to accentuate a table for a splash of spring inside. provides an overview of spring flowers with vivid photos to get you in a floral mood.
  6. Head to the salon or into your bathroom to get your body ready for the new season. A pedicure, facial, bath soak and/or overall skin treatment will offer a retreat for renewal. lists several homemade spa treatments; try them all.
  7. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. A trip to Whole Foods will treat you to an escape into warm weather healthy foods. shares information about yummy spring vegetables. Take a look!
  8. You might not feel like walking outside yet but you can put on your sneakers and head to the mall. A little window-shopping can get you off of the couch and get your body moving. Click here to see how many miles can be walked in our local Michigan malls.
  9. If you’re having a hard time getting moving, talks about rallying friends to help lift your spirit and celebrate the new season.
  10. In the article Springtime State of Mind it lists tips such as, “Seize summer, now: Recall the plans you had last year for going to concerts at Millennium Park, Ravinia or a local park? The plans that never happened? Use this time to make concrete plans — with friends who'll hold you accountable. For starters: and”

It’s time to thing Spring; together let's will it into existence!

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