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Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine on CD

I’ve been sitting on this one a while hoping to verify it but haven’t been able to do so. Reader beware! The Record Store website in their news section for Super Deluxe Editions while reporting on The Doors translucent, swirled vinyl release of “Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine” also reports that Rhino will release a CD version May 20th. I checked the Rhino website and there isn’t a page announcing it or to pre-order it. I tried checking with Rhino but got no response to either confirm or deny the release.

"Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine" may be released on CD May 20th.
cover art

UPDATE: Rhino does have a press release for "Weird Scenes" verifying that a CD is going to be released May 20th. If you would like to read the Rhino press release please follow the link. Although, the press release confirms the release and date it doesn't provide a venue for pre-ordering. Thanks to Marc Cappello for the tip on the "Weird Scenes" CD release and Len Sousa for the link to the Rhino press release.

On the John Densmore Disquaire Day appearances in Paris on April 19 I was able to find out that Densmore will be appearing at three Gibert Joseph bookstores to support the release of the French edition of “The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy on Trial.” I updated the previous article “John Densmore in Paris for Disquaire Day” so check it out if you’re looking for the information.

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