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Weird News: Ex-student calls in bomb threat to college graduation

A college student’s graduation day is often full of mixed emotions. You’re happy your years of study have finally led you to the end, but sad its all over and you now have to be part of the real world. But one student had a few other mixed emotions, ones that got her in a lot of trouble.

A student called in two bomb threats to avoid her parents discovering she wasn't graduating.
Photo by Chris Keane/Getty Images

A Quinnipiac University student, who was later revealed to not be a current, active student, called in bomb threats to her graduation on Sunday to avoid her parents finding out that their daughter wouldn’t be graduating that day.

Twenty-two-year-old Danielle Shea had collected thousands of dollars for tuition from her mother, but she didn’t spend it on college. Despite not even attending for the past semester, Shea managed to get a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony but later panicked when relatives noticed her name wasn’t on the graduation program, according to police.

In an attempt to have the attention thrown away from her, and to possibly avoid the whole scenario, Shea called in not one but two bomb threats. Police say that at 5:38 p.m., a call was received saying there was a bomb in the library. About 17 minutes later, she called from a blocked number and indicated there were several bombs on campus and warned them to clear out graduation.

Police searched the library and came up with nothing, but when the second call came, school officials made the call to move graduation about a mile away at the TD Bank Sports Center.

But her plan didn’t really work. In all, the ceremony was delayed about an hour and a half.

Police were able to track down the origin of the first call and saw through university records that the phone belonged to Shea. She was tracked down in the TD Bank Sports Center and arrested in front of her family. After she was taken to police headquarters, she provided a full confession. She let police know that there were no bombs and she didn’t intend to harm anyone; She was simply embarrassed about not graduating.

Shea appeared in court on Monday.

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