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Weird news: Court says teen is charged as adult due to big genital size, not age

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A Russian court has made a shocking ruling this week, saying that an underage teen may be charged as an adult due to the big size of his genitals. The Moscow Times shares this Tuesday, June 3, that the allegedly 13-year-old male is accused of stealing a cell phone and wants to be tried as a child for the theft crime — which he pleads not guilty to — but officials believe that he may be older than he claims to be due to his genitalia size. Despite the discrepancy in age, the Russian court is upholding that the teen is to be treated as an adult for this unusual and normally private reason.

In one weird news story that began to trend across the Internet the moment it hit the media, a 13-year-old teen boy from Russia is being charged this week with stealing someone’s cell phone back in March of 2014. The young man’s name is Tomas (his last name is being kept undisclosed due to him being underage), but that hasn’t stopped the prosecutorial team from attempting to trial him as an adult. Tomas is originally from the Ukraine, notes the report, but moved to Moscow to live with his aunt several years ago.

Now, shares UPI News this morning via their coverage on the alleged crime, the boy is insisting that he’s innocent of the theft and only 13 years old. However, Russian law enforcement officials believe that based on the “big” size of the boy’s genitals, he is likely older than that, and anywhere from 16 to 17 years in age.

Prison medical examiners where the "underage" boy is being currently held in custody have examined the male teen’s teeth, dental records, and his genitals. These doctors have since determined and announced to the Russian court that their studies have pointed to the boy in fact being at least 16 years old, and therefore legally able to be viewed in the eyes of the law as an adult. The court therefore had Tomas sentenced and sent to jail as a result of that finding.

However, Ukrainian documents relating to the young Tomas reveal that he was only 12 to 13 at the time of his recent arrest, so the case is being reopened this week and reviewed by a prison service in the Moscow area to determine what should be done — regardless of the teen’s genital size. The current age of criminal responsibility is held at 16 throughout Russia, though it is lowered to 14 when regarding heinous crimes, including that of murder and rape. Do you agree with the Russian court and authority officials in their ruling on this weird news incident?