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Weird Canadian Laws

At times, the best thing to do when tackling a book you haven't yet reviewed, is to simply flip through the pages and randomly stop here and there.

That's what we did recently when we picked up a new (well, new to us at least) copy of "Weird Canadian Laws" by Lisa Wojna, with illustrations provided by Roger Garcia.

Let's turn the pages until we reach page 40, where we learn: "in 1909, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture paid a bounty of ten Canadian dollars for each timber wolf pelt, one dollar for each prairie wolf pelt and a dollar for each wolf pup pelt. However, if the wolves you claimed you killed in Alberta but they actually came from outside the province, you would be hit with a one hundred dollar fine.

In 1916, in the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, a person had to be at least 16 years of age to either enter in to or be employed by a bowling alley or billiard room. Pin setters only had to be older than 12. And only males were allowed to hold down these jobs.

In 1959, in Williams Lake, B.C., the village commission passed a law officially naming January 2nd as "Wrestling Day." Last time we visited Williams Lake, that law was still on the books.

WEIRD CANADIAN LAWS by Lisa Wojna was first published in Canada in 2006 by Blue Bike Books.. We tell yah, you just can't make up stuff like this! (see video for top TV lawyers)

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