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Weather Channel says manmade climate change a factor in dispute with DirecTV

This morning 20 million subscribers to DirecTV found The Weather Channel missing from their viewing options. The weather network has cited its need to sound the manmade climate change alarm as one of the reasons it needs to be available to the satellite provider’s subscribers.

In its fight to stay on the air on DirecTV, The Weather Channel has said that the need to push the global warming theory is a driving factor.
Denver Weather Examiner

Some have said that global warming and manmade climate change will bring an increase in “extreme weather” events.

David Kenny, chairman and CEO of The Weather Company, said in a statement today, “This reckless move by DIRECTV will have an impact on our role as part of the national safety and preparedness fabric of our country at a time when the volatility and frequency of weather events seems to be increasing.”

While not overtly mentioning climate change, the implication is there.

Dr. Jeff Masters, founder of the Weather Underground which was purchased by The Weather Channel in 2012 and now an employee of the company, was far more direct in a blog entry.

Masters wrote that without DirecTV viewers, far fewer Americans will be able to see the network’s global warming propaganda.

“This will mean there are now 20 million people seeing less climate change coverage, at a time when The Weather Channel is actively expanding their climate change coverage, and at a time when society greatly needs as much awareness of how our climate is changing as possible,” he said.

On social media sites, many commenters said the push by The Weather Channel of the anthropogenic global warming theory is one of the reasons the network will not be missed. Others cited the network’s lack of true weather news that has given way to reality TV shows and docudramas.

Indeed, the recent signings of Sam Champion and Al Roker as primary on-air personalities by The Weather Channel show the network is less than serious about weather. Neither Roker nor Champion are meteorologists and yet they are being pushed as the new faces of the network.

On Saturday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Champion said, "I'm just a guy that started in this [broadcasting] business 30 years when my family couldn't afford to spend a lot of money getting degrees."

Meteorologist Geoff Fox of WTIC said in a blog entry about The Weather Channel and its dispute, “Your business is weathertainment. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s an honorable pursuit.”

The NBC Universal-owned network has certainly continued to stray from its roots first planted over 30 years ago.

As it has delved further into ‘weathertainment’ and climate change alarmism, its viewership has declined greatly. It appears however that the network executives have been unable to put two and two together and understand what the real issue is with their “weather” channel.

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