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WEAR-TV reporter's car catches fire as she prepares for a live broadcast

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According to WEAR-TV, Christina Leavenworth's Volkswagen Jetta (model year 2011) caught fire as she prepared to do a live broadcast from a residential area in Pensacola, Florida (southeast of Mobile) for their local morning news program "3 in the Morning" on Tuesday, January 7th. She still did the broadcast in spite of the fire and showed viewers of the program the remains of the Jetta since it caught fire in the area of her broadcast.

You may learn more about the fire and the reasons for her being in the residential area by selecting the following link to video of another report she did from the same area that was recorded for the station to broadcast later on January 7th during another local news program:

You may also access video of the fire itself by selecting this link to a separate report about the fire the station broadcast during another one of their local news programs on January 7th:

(note: the Mobile Radio Examiner article titled "WCOA-FM still pursuing permanent replacement for Mike Huckabee's former program" was updated with new details)

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