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Way Basics makes it way easy to furnish a great looking abode

Easily add new life, beauty and organization to the living space with Way Basics
Easily add new life, beauty and organization to the living space with Way Basics
Way Basics

The abode reflects those who live within it so most look to furnish their surroundings to be clean and organized in order to keep it shining beautifully. Take into account budget and often folks are limited to believing that time consuming put-it-together furnishings from stores such as IKEA are their only option. Way Basics comes to the rescue with furnishing solutions that anyone, even a child, can put together without a single tool within a matter of minutes.

Furnishings that are easy and sustainable.
Way Basics

When Way Basic states "The World's Easiest Assembly" they mean it.

I received two cubes to help organize and beautify the decor. Beginning with the shipping one could see how organized the project to complete would be. Each cube comes shipped in its own flat packaging so no hunting for parts for multiple ordered objects.

  • I opened a box and pulled out four boards and a thinner backing board along with a little bag of thick strong cardboard-like pins and a sheet of simple to do instructions.
  • The boards are provided with 3M adhesive strips attached, which immediately got my reaction of "Wow this really will be easy".
  • As instructed I peeled the 3M strips off of the three edges on the two vertical boards to reveal the sticky tape.
  • I then placed the pins in each corner on two opposite edges of each of the two vertical boards.
  • With one horizontal board placed flat on the floor with its one 3M adhesive strip edge towards me, I took each vertical board with the tape edges towards me and guided the edge with pins facing down into the corresponding holes in the horizontal board. I then completed the square cube shape by placing the top horizontal board, with taped edge towards me, locking the pins and tape to keep it in place.
  • I finished the cube easily by peeling the 3M strips on the horizontal boards leaving four sticking edges of the square to place the backer board in place.

Options are endless with creating furnishings from the easy to assemble cubes, Box Storage Systems and bookcases.

With great color options, as well as wood, and sleek white and black finishes, the Way Basics furnishings will easily fit into any decor.

  • Add the elegant look of a wall of bookcases for the family room.
  • Build a coffee table out of cubes.
  • Add wheels to a storage box cube to make it easy to pull out for extra use.
  • Mix and match cubes and box storage to create your own unique furnishings.
  • Keep a dorm room easily neat, organized and looking good.

Way Basics products are about looking good, ultra easy assembly, saving trees and giving back.

Way Basics began from a simple idea; Why not create a recycling bin out of recycled paper? From there grew the beginning of wonderful storage cube systems, lovely bookcases, wall shelves, benches and more. In line with their belief in recycling, Way Basics are founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, "a coalition united to promote environmentally healthy practices in the industry... helping consumers identify good furniture choices." Way Basics works to offset their company carbon emissions by being a carbon neutral brand.

Unlike other companies that sell heavy particle board furnishings that are to be put together by the consumer in time consuming aggravation, Way Basics products are constructed from their light-weight and durable patented zBoards which are 99-percent crafted out of recycled paper. zBoard is sustainable, toxin free, totally recyclable and 62-percent lighter than particle board.

Along with working to improve the environment by building furnishings using zBoard made from recycled products Way Basics has made a commitment to also help those experiencing hardships; "With furniture banks and charities around the country to help those families in desperate need -- victims of natural disasters who’ve lost everything they owned, women and children escaping from domestic violence, working families below the poverty line, and others requiring a hand up — not a handout.”

I totally recommend Way Basics products to add new beauty and organization to your living environment. With no screw or nails you will be able to put together an entire wall of new decor within a matter of moments and know that you have also contributed to saving nature as well as giving back to those in need. Way Basics lives up to their claim; "You can put our unique zBoards together without tools or hardware. Super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips let you fit the pieces neatly together. Just peel, stick and you're done."

Have fun creating a beautiful environment to live in and never be afraid to dance!

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