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Watoo Watoo – Une Si Longue Attente

Watoo Watoo
Watoo WatooWatoo Watoo

Music can be a very fickle mistress, what is popular one day can be garbage the next. While listener’s tastes change at the drop of a hat, the one thing that has always stayed constant is great pop melodies. Watoo Watoo is a husband and wife team from France and even though their music is in French it breaks through any language barriers with catchy pop flavored hooks and beautiful ear pleasing vocals.

Michael is in charge of the music and Pascale handles the vocals as the pair dish out tunes that are spiced with a bit of Belle & Sebastian and a bit 1960’s lounge. Their latest album mysteriously begins with a dainty music box twinkle to be followed by a cornucopia of melodies and Pascale’s heavenly vocals on the track “Une Si Longue Attente”. The pair creates a massive wall of sound on “Tes Histoires Invisibles” which is the lone track that kind of strays away from the poppy feel of the album. All encompassing keyboards and vibrant guitars frame the vocals creating an all out attack on your oratory senses. One of the more entertaining tracks on the record has to be “Minnax”. Using everything but the kitchen sink they create a track that comes right out of a 60’s spy movie. This is an instrumental as they utilize Pascale’s vocals to create another melodic layer in the tune. My favorite song on the record is “Searching For Mr. Right” and not because it is the only one in English. With sweeping melodies, a samba infused beat and soulful horns you get the feeling that this may be a Burt Bacharach song.

At first I had no interest in this record and just knew it would not be something I would like, but then I hit play. Michael’s musical arrangements lure you in and Pascale’s vocals keep you hanging around. The more you listen to the album the more you discover as it improves with each play. Une Si Longue Attente shows not to judge a book by its cover because you never know what you will find inside.