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Waterboarding daughter: Ex-pediatrician accused of torturing 11-year-old

A former pediatrician is on trial for waterboarding the daughter of his girlfriend in Georgetown, Del. A Jan. 27 report by FOX News reveals that Melvin Morse, 60, is being accused of waterboarding an 11-year-old girl by holding her face under a running faucet. Now the case is before a 12-person jury that is made up of eight women and four men.

Morse was arrested in 2012 and charged with child endangerment and assault after the young victim told investigators she was being waterboarded. Morse pleaded not guilty to those charges in the waterboarding daughter case.

Waterboarding is considered a form of torture and simulates a sense of drowning to those being held under water. A few years ago U.S. interrogators were criticized for using this type of technique while working those believed to be linked with middle east terrorists.

One would think Morse's female companion would be aware that he was waterboarding her daughter if he did. For whatever reason people choose cruel and inhumane forms of punishment often when it comes to children. If Melvin Morse is guilty of the charges, many hope he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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