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'Watch Dogs' will allow players to control helicopters

Excited you can hack into a helicopter?
Excited you can hack into a helicopter?

While Examiner did break the news of not being able to fly aircrafts back in August, Ubisoft has confirmed that players will be able to hack into helicopters and control them that way.

Today, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin was explaining how players can hack into each others game in a report, and he did talk about how one of the ways players can disrupt others is by taking control of helicopters that are searching for players.

"Having other players able to hack into your game, and come and watch you, is a unique experience. That includes those people who have tablets, who can show up and challenge you, fight against you, and do all sorts of things to control the city – like controlling the choppers that are flying around.

"When a companion challenges you, it’s a contract that you’ll accept or not – it won’t happen if you say no. You can turn it off," Morin said.

This may be a bit of a compromise for players who were upset about not being able to fly around Chicago in aircrafts, but it won't be like being able to take a helicopter and fly it from one side of Los Santos to the other.

As most of you know by now, Watch Dogs is without a doubt a more grounded, dense game that focuses on the quality of the world all around you, not just on size. Chicago will definitely provide a lot of size and things for players to do, but it will be about how detailed everything around you is.

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