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'Watch Dogs' exclusive: Ubisoft discusses creating the character of Jordi Chin

If you saw the new, exciting trailer to come out of Ubisoft yesterday, then you had the chance to get a little information on the Watch Dogs supporting character, Jordi Chin. You also may have a bit of a piquing interest in Jordi and it is with good reason. From what we saw in our preview and in the trailer yesterday, Ubisoft has a very interesting, hilarious character on their hands.

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Excited for Watch Dogs?
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Jordi is indeed a fixer in the world of Watch Dogs, but he's not exactly the type of person you'd think of when it comes to a fixer. Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin talked about how Ubisoft created the supporting character Jordi Chin, plus what they did and did not want to do with his personality and traits.

"Jordi is a fixer, that’s not a secret, but with this guy, we had a lot of fun with first, the look and then we were all like, ‘he’s an Asian guy,’ and we tried the Asian voice and were like, ‘oh my God that’s terrible.’

"We went for the pure American, born in America guy, when he starts talking, people are going to say, ‘what? He’s an American?’ So that’s helped a lot to have that feeling to him, he’s a guy who was definitely born in a questionable environment.

"I would say he’s an old-timer of fixers. Fixers in the universe of Watch Dogs are embracing technology more than others, but I think Jordi is a mix between mercenary-hitman and a questionably shady dude who takes money from whoever he wants.

"We voluntarily don’t go too deep in detailing all the backgrounds of those guys because I think it makes them a little bit more interesting to explore for players," Morin said.

The tiny sample we saw of Jordi Chin in our Watch Dogs preview gave us a peek into his comedic side. Think of a character in a Vince Vaughn movie, but someone who has a sense of humor that maybe is a bit off. Depending on your type of humor, you may find Jordi funny or not, but we found him to be hysterical. That was very surprising to see, especially, when we think about the Jordi we met during the E3 2012 Ubisoft press conference.

Jordi could be a game changing character for gamers once Watch Dogs launches on May 27th and we can't wait to see the entire role he will play in the game. Ubisoft will launch Watch Dogs on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC day one. We'll have much more in our exclusive with Ubisoft later this month.