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'Watch Dogs' chose Chicago partly due to 10,000 cameras being installed in 2006 (Photos)

"Watch Dogs" will be hitting the PlayStation 4 at launch this year, but the game was chosen to take place in Chicago because of some recent technology moves the city made back during 2006.

What do you think?
What do you think?
What do you think?

In an exclusive with today, "Watch Dogs" creative director Jonathan Morin talked about why the development team decided to go with Chicago as the main setting for this game.

"Chicago is one of the world’s great cities. From its inception to today, it symbolizes modernity and progress alongside crime and corruption; great wealth and high culture alongside abject poverty and brutal violence.

"Those contradictions make Chicago the perfect location for our contemporary open-world game. Furthermore, the city perfectly illustrates our theme: 'Everything Is Connected.'

"In 2006, Chicago implemented 'Operation Virtual Shield,' an initiative that created the most extensive video surveillance network in the United States by linking more than 10,000 security cameras to a centralized monitoring system that captures and processes video feeds in real time.

"These surveillance programs are part of the backdrop against which 'WATCH_DOGS' takes place," Morin said.

So gamers will not be playing in some city where ideas and concepts are made-up, but rather in a location that is based off of recent history and changes.

Typically, cities such as New York or Los Angeles have been chosen for major open-world titles, but it is a rather refreshing thing to see one of these games go elsewhere.

"Watch Dogs" is scheduled to be released with the PlayStation 4 this coming holiday season. More of our exclusive interview with the "Watch Dogs" development team will be published in its entirety when completed next week or so.


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