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'Watch Dogs' allows mobile players to hack each other 'regardless of platform'

Watch Dogs has many unique, intriguing aspects to it and one of them is without a doubt its multiplayer. We were able to find out more about the multiplayer and how players will be able to battle against each other through their mobile devices.

Watch Dogs will allow you to battle it out across all mobile devices.

In an exclusive interview with, Jonathan Morin, who is the creative director of Watch Dogs, was describing the new multiplayer in Watch Dogs and surprisingly revealed that players will be able to hack into each other's games regardless of the mobile platforms they are on.

"This idea came in very early in the process. Since we were exploring this concept that everything is connected in modern cities, we rapidly came to the conclusion that we couldn't really deliver this idea without embracing the fact that everyone was connected too.

"So the concept to let players hack into each other's game was a very natural thing to develop within the universe of Watch Dogs. But we couldn't stop there; we had to also address the fact that most players were connected for real in their own lives.

"This is why we insisted to have a mobile experience where players could still connect in real time to any other player regardless of the platform. This way, we knew we could deliver a complete cycle on our intentions: 'Everything/Everyone is connected and connection is power...,'" Morin said.

So this is some interesting news to hear and now personally, people better watch out because during lunch hour your game will be hacked. Kidding aside, players will have to be careful with how much they hack others because doing so will increase their notoriety.

It'll be interesting to see just how much impact you can have on others using your mobile device. If it's significant, it'll sure turn train rides for people into new adventures. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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