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Watch: Allstate celebrates LGBT pride with ‘Safe In My Hands’ ad

Allstate Insurance is showing their support for LGBT Pride Month with an emotional 90-second ad campaign titled “Safe In My Hands.” The animated ad features a gay love story to celebrate pride and to send a message of acceptance and love. According to Pink News on June 14, the ad also features a song by openly gay singer-songwriter Eli Lieb.

#outholdinghands campaign launched by Allstate Insurance
Photo credit: Allstate #outholdinghands campaign (used with permission)

To coincide with the ad, the insurance company also launched the #OutHOldingHands campaign, promoting equality by visiting Pride events across the United States to collect photos, video and other images of people holding hands as the campaign websites states, “We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love. We believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable showing affection out in public.”

In the animated ad, a young boy is shown being laughed at and stared at because he was different. The difference was symbolized by him having a larger than average hand. He explores the world lonely until he finds someone who also has a large hand. Once they merge their hands the animation turns into a real life scene of two men holding hands publicly and proudly. They weren’t different anymore because they found each other and shared the love within their heart.

The song accompanying the animation was specially written by Lieb for the Allstate ad. On his Facebook page, he expressed how excited and joyful he was to be apart of the campaign. He wrote, “We can all make a difference in this world. And even if it’s one person at a time, just like throwing a rock in a lake, the ripple it makes travels everywhere. Each person is a pebble that can make ripples felt throughout the whole world.” The ad definitely sends a strong message that it is difference that fuels the bond of change.

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