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Waste: Obama spending $1 million on 'gender equality' in Morroco

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On New Year's Eve, the Obama administration quietly announced that it would be spending $998,384 "to promote gender equality in the workplace in the Kingdom of Morocco."

The money is being distributed by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and will actually be paid directly to a private contractor known as Management Systems International.

The DOL announcement states:

The project will be implemented in collaboration with the private sector, civil society organizations and the Government of Morocco to empower women through increased recognition, promotion and enforcement of their labor rights.

Despite the fact that the federal government remains mired in insurmountable debt (through FY 2012), the Obama administration has increased foreign aid spending by 80 percent.

However, the total amount of money being spent on foreign aid by the Obama administration is actually unknown, because President Obama signed an executive order in 2010, known as the "Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development, which among other things, shields much of the expenditures from public disclosure.

On Dec. 17, U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle (a Cllinton appointee) ruled against that secretive policy, after the Center for Effective Government filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the administration.

Politico reported Judge Huvelle as stating:

The government appears to adopt the cavalier attitude that the president should be permitted to convey orders throughout the executive branch without public oversight … to engage in what is in effect governance by 'secret law'"

Not surprisingly, the same president who promised to run the "most transparent administration in history," has yet to release the numbers.

But, we do know of one rather questionable expense Obama spent without consent of Congress...

On March 3, 2013, only 48 hours after Obama decried the nation's then-looming crisis due to spending cuts mandated by the sequester, he gave $250 million to the government of Egypt, based on then-President Mohammed Morsi's promises of political reform.

The money was in addition to a much larger financial package, worth nearly a half billion dollars which the Obama administration pledged to the radical Islamist government.

Of course, once the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown, Obama immediately cut-off all aid to Egypt.

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