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Walt Disney Co. pulls funding for Boy Scouts over gay leadership ban

Disney to cut aid to BSA in 2015 .
Disney to cut aid to BSA in 2015 .
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Starting next year, the Walt Disney Company will cut its funding for the boy Scouts of America in protest of the organizations policy of banning adult scout leaders who are gay. Gay youth were finally allowed to join following controversial vote last year (see

While Disney does not give direct funding to the Scouts, it does donate money to some troops as a trade-off for volunteer hours completed by its employees. There decision to reduce that commitment has greatly disappointed the Scouts, according to spokesman Deron Smith, who said it “would affect his organization’s ability to serve children.”

Walt Disney company’s decision was made public after Robert Utsey,the president of the local BSA council in Apopka, Fl announced the decision on the Scouts for Equality website. He also stated that they hope to maintain lines of communication with Walt Disney World in the hope of resolving their differences, but realize that it is not possible to convince the entertainment giant to reverse their decision at this time.