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Wal-Mart shoppers randomly given jury duty in Oklahoma

Wal-Mart shoppers in Oklahoma were given jury duty on Tuesday
Wal-Mart shoppers in Oklahoma were given jury duty on Tuesday
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

There you are, just walking into a Wal-Mart on a Tuesday to do some shopping. You notice a few officers in the entrance. You think nothing of it; security is important. They approach you and hand you a piece of paper. Bam! You’ve been served… a notice to appear for jury duty.

That’s what happened to shoppers in Ottawa County in Oklahoma. According to FOX on Thursday, the county was short of jurors and had to act quickly. Detective Derek Derwin of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said that there was just no way to send out these summons in the mail and get them back in time to notify the judges and the court clerk.

So, the officers headed to Wal-Mart for their juror needs. In all, 20 people were given summons to a case that had a very short turn around. Officers said that they handed out the summons in a completely random manner.

In this case, which will be a mental health hearing, jurors were needed quickly, so officers had to bypass the traditional mailing system to get jurors assembled.

The last time this happened in the county was four years ago. To be eligible for the summons, citizens only had to be living in the county and not have any felony convictions. They didn’t have to be registered to vote.

If a police officer handed you a jury duty summons on your way to shopping, how would you react? Det. Derwin says in general, the response was relatively positive. However, that just might be citizens being on their best behavior in front of an officer. It would be pretty hard to combine Wal-Mart and jury duty and expect a good outcome from shoppers.

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