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Vivo helps paramedics and connects loved ones during an emergency

February 21, 2014 - San Mateo, CA - KruGlu, Inc recently announced Vivo, an emergency identification and alert service.

Created out of concern for their children and elderly relatives, Vivo will help identify a person who is lost or injured and unable to speak for themselves.

Vivo does this by providing registered users with a unique Vivo ID code and phone number that they can place on stickers, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, shoelace tags and more. People can also place their Vivo ID on the locked screen of their phone.

If a person with a Vivo ID is in an accident, a first responder, or good Samaritan, can text their Vivo ID to the provided phone number and that first responder will receive critical information that can help the injured person, such as allergies, medical issues and medication along with their emergency contacts.

At the same time, Vivo will send a text to each of the listed emergency contacts notifying them of the incident and provide them with the first responder’s cell phone number. Now the first responder and emergency contact(s) can connect over the phone and share relevant information!

Vivo is a welcomed service by emergency personnel, such as Pat H. a Law Enforcement Professional of 30 years in Northern California, "Often, we are called to a scene where a person is in need of help and can't tell us important information like pre-existing medical conditions, or emergency contacts.

In many cases, cell phones are locked and we can't get to ICE information. People who are out jogging or bike riding typically don't carry a wallet or other ID. This [Vivo] is a great solution and would allow first responders to provide needed help quickly. It overcomes language and other communication issues."

Right now Vivo is offering pre-launch memberships through their Indiegogo Campaign. You can learn more about Vivo by going to

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