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Virginia couple defies odds, wins lottery three times in one month

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It’s difficult enough to win the lottery once in a lifetime, but one Virginia couple is making it look like child’s play, winning three times in just more than two weeks, according to a report today from the Associated Press.

The Virginia Lottery told the publication that Calvin and Zatera Spencer finished up their incredible streak of luck with a $1 million winning last week while playing the $100 Million Cash Extravaganza scratch-off game.

It all started when the Portsmouth couple won their first million dollars on the March 12 Powerball drawing, narrowly missing the entire jackpot when they failed to match the Powerball number at the end.

Then, Calvin won $50,000 in the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4. The couple’s second million-dollar cash in followed the next day.

Virginia Lottery spokesman John Hagerty told the Los Angeles Times that the odds of the Spencers winning the March 12 Powerball were roughly one in 5 million, easily besting the odds of being struck by lightning.

The odds on the $50,000 winnings came out to one in 10,000, while the Spencers had a one in 836,000 chance to win the final of the three.

"I’ve been here for 12 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone win three major prizes within such a short period of time," Hagerty said.

However, Calvin Spencer believes the couple’s good fortune is just beginning.

“We’re not finished yet,” he said.