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Viral video: Garbage man's random act of kindness reaches boy with Autism

Our modern world is known as the “microwave” society. We’re people who want what we want, when we want it, and we wanted it 5 minutes ago. We rush from the moment we wake up ready to hit the daily grind, and usually keep going until we collapse exhausted at the end of the day. Today, one man’s act of kindness is going viral as he literally stopped the hurried pace of life and showed compassion to a boy with Autism.

Boy with autism touched by garbage man's generosity
Robin Newberger: YouTube

Daniel Mulligan is a five-year-old boy who thrives on routine. Part of that routine is waiting anxiously every week for the garbage truck to pass by his house. He lines up his “friends” a collection of stuffed animals, and guardedly worries if they are all in attendance for the event. Every Monday, sanitation worker Manuel Sanchez drives by Mulligan’s home and collects the recyclables. In a video that has gone viral, you can see as Mr. Sanchez did something nearly unheard of in today’s society. He stopped the truck, asked the parents if he could give Daniel a present, and gifted the boy with a toy garbage truck.

To many, the gift has been a testament that kindness, thoughtfulness, and simple human generosity is not lost in today’s world.

Fox 4 KC spoke with Sanchez who stated he was unaware that Daniel was autistic, but was touched by the child’s presence.

He stated, “That little boy is so special and he will steal anybody’s heart as soon as you see him. I didn’t know what he has, but there’s something very special about him.”

You may see a video report that includes the footage Daniel’s mother, Robin Newberger, captured at the time of the event in the video player above.

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