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Violation of Constitutional rights convicts Mississippi man

Jeffery Wayne Wansley of Newton County, Mississippi
Jeffery Wayne Wansley of Newton County, Mississippi
(Mississippi Department of Corrections)

A member of the Free the IRP6 organization notified the Paulding County Republican Examiner on Friday evening of a case of an imprisoned man who had his First and Fourth Amendment rights violated, along with an incompetent legal representation and a biased jury that landed him a 30 year prison sentence.

Jeffery Wayne Wansley of Newton County, Mississippi was sentenced in 2000 to 30 years by the State of Mississippi for allegedly selling 0.89 grams or $100 worth of crack cocaine to an undercover informant by the name of Cleveland McCall. The Prosecution claimed that they had found 39.4 grams of crack in two glass vials within Jeffery's house but Wansley was not arrested for this at the time this evidence allegedly was found which landed him in jail under false allegations.

Wansley stated, “I’ve been unlawfully held in custody for over 14 years by the State of Mississippi for a crime I didn’t commit.”

“At trial, the prosecution and it’s witnesses, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) and a convicted felon and drug abuser, with pending charges, alleged that it used a $100 bill of Official State Funds, bearing serial number #AH30644253A, and a 60” audio cassette tape, in an undercover sting operation,” said Wansley. “However, no one has ever seen or heard any of this alleged evidence, and there is no documentation from the Mississippi Crime Lab proving that it ever existed.”

Wansley told the Free the IRP6 organization member and on his website set up by his family, that in order to prove his innocence, that he submitted the serial number #AH30644253A to the United States Dept. of the Treasury, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Dept. of the Treasury stated that the serial number came off a $20.00 bill, not a $100 bill.

While Wansley has been trying to prove his innocence since his incarceration, his Constitutional rights were violated due to the failure of several courts in the State of Mississippi as well as the Fifth Circuit court who have failed to adhere to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Mississippi.

Freedom and Justice 4 All earlier this year said,” The State of Mississippi has kept Jeffery Wansley from having a parole hearing for 4 years past when he was eligible. The courts have ordered the State to comply. So far it has not, and the issue is being argued in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Wansley also said that on February 20, 2012 the Attorney General’s office, made the following statement to CNN: “Our office has the singular responsibility to not only ensure that the guilty are punished, but that the innocent are set free.”

Wansely’s numerous appeals with the new evidence that has been obtained, lack of prosecution evidence from the Mississippi Crime Lab, and the disputed serial numbers have been denied and dismissed for the past 14 years.

A Facebook page was set up in May 2014 concerning updates to Wansely’s case and documents, evidence, and other information of Wansley’s case can be found here.

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