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‘Vigilantes’ with ‘illegal guns’ do to Boko Haram what government cannot

Privileged moms can demand and end to terror and violence, but it's going to take determined people with guns to make that happen.
Privileged moms can demand and end to terror and violence, but it's going to take determined people with guns to make that happen.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

“Residents of three villages in northeastern Nigeria took security into their own hands this week, repelling attacks by Boko Haram insurgents and killing more than 200 of them, residents and officials said,” CNN reported last Thursday. “When news of the attack filtered out, people trooped out from nearby villages carrying arms.”

Where did they get the arms from? As documented in this correspondent’s recent Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership report, not only is there no “legal” right to private gun ownership, but "civilians are not allowed to possess machine-guns, military rifles and handguns … private possession of semi-automatic assault weapons [and] private possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is prohibited."

Add to that licensing, background checks and registration for what they are allowed to own, a prohibition on concealed carry and stiff criminal penalties for gun law violations, and Nigeria is one of those places where the "law-abiding" are at extreme disadvantage.

In spite of that,, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health, which, while decidedly anti-gun, nonetheless provides instructive and useful compilations of gun laws from around the globe, estimates over one million "unlawfully held" guns.

That means the villagers who defended themselves from the terrorists were not just “gun criminals” using “illegal guns,” they also qualified for one of the Big Lie pejoratives “progressive” anti-gunners use to disparage armed self-defense: They were also “vigilantes.”

Meanwhile, where were those authorized by the government as the “Only Ones” trained and disciplined and moral enough to be trusted with guns?

First of all, in Nigeria, when seconds count, the authorities are only hours or days away.

"The military cannot be in every village at the same time,” government apologist Mike Omeri offered as an excuse, right after calling the villagers that other V-word.

And what are they doing where they can be? Trying to kill each other, it would appear.

“Nigerian soldiers upset over the deaths of their colleagues opened fire on a convoy carrying a military commander,” the report relates.

"Soldiers have been angry with the poor treatment they receive from their superiors in terms of inadequate arms and poor allowances in their combat against Boko Haram," the story quoted from a military source. "The death of their colleagues was too much for them to bear."

Once more, government, which has the power to deny human rights and enforce disarmament edicts with “legal” guns, is at the root of the problem. And moms (like the ones in the above photo) demanding an end to violence and terror notwithstanding, only determined people with guns actually have a chance to make that happen.


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