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Video captures chain reaction multi-car crash on I-25 near Colorado Springs

As temperatures dropped and the snow fell Saturday across Colorado, roads became ice-coated and driving conditions worsened. Video captured near Colorado Springs captured a harrowing multi-car pileup on Interstate 25 that highlighted the dangerous road conditions.

A screen capture shows the moment of impact during one of a series of accidents on I-25 Saturday, January 4, 2014.
YouTube / coach tone

Posted by a user Anthony Salazar to KOAA-5 television’s Facebook page, the video is taken from an overpass in the Colorado Springs area on Saturday, January 4.

Showing I-25 southbound, some drivers are shown exercising appropriate caution on the icy roads and proceeding slowly. Calamity ensues when others are less aware of the conditions.

As traffic moves slowly in the right-hand lane, the first signs of trouble are of a small SUV that is unable to stop. The driver steers onto the shoulder narrowly avoiding a collision with cars in front of him.

A brief glimpse the opposite direction shows what appears to be an accident in the northbound lanes as well as stopped cars southbound.

Returning to the other direction, the camera captures three vehicles approaching quickly, far faster than conditions would allow. One of them, a white GM van flies under the overpass at speeds that would only have been safe in clear, dry conditions. The audio captures the sound of skidding and the vehicle’s failed attempt to slow down as it goes by.

A crashing sound is heard and then the van reappears on the other side of the overpass moving at a tremendous rate of speed. Continuing to skid out of control, it then smashes into at least two additional vehicles.

Quickly panning back, another series of crashes occur.

Denver’s Channel 7 reports that the event occurred near Pikes Peak International Raceway and required that the interstate be shut down for a period of time to clean up the wreckage.

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