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Victim to survivor

Have you ever felt helpless? Are you feeling powerless in any area of your life currently? When we feel like we do not have any way to improve our situation, emotions overwhelm and, as this happens, logic seems to melt away. In this abandoned and isolated place, we’re taunted by negative thoughts. This self-sabotaging process imprisons.

If you can't see the sun any longer, close your eyes to feel it intuitively.
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Regardless of the trauma you are suffering, as long as you are alive and breathing, you are not helpless. What you are feeling is an emotion that is triggering faulty thoughts that must be challenged in order to beat this dilemma.

Helpless as defined by means, “Unable to help oneself; powerless or incompetent.” Yes, in a moment’s time a feeling of helplessness can shadow your path to recovery but once you step away from the dark moment of “being the victim” and move into the light of “being the survivor” you are empowered.

If you are truly feeling helpless, self analyze how you are reacting to your hardship; this mindset is not serving you well. Consider doing the opposite.

If you are overly anxious, do what you can to gain your power back by relaxing. Remember, all fear and anxiety does is steal your health; it doesn’t solve your dilemma.

If you feel like you can’t catch your breath, slow down and focus on breathing. In moments of despair take slow deep breaths. This helps you find your footing.

If this drama is all consuming, honor this challenge by creating space; lean away from it to gain some perspective. When you’re to close you get lost in the overwhelming details and this blurs the big picture.

If you are screaming and people are oblivious to you, talk quietly.

If you are feeling vulnerable and naked, clothe yourself with composure. This will change the energy for the better.

You’ve read many pieces of empowerment in this column: articles on affirmations, prayer, meditation, yoga, creativity, surrendering, power of friendship, asking for help, volunteering, therapy, and much, much more. But today’s piece is rather simple, just consider your approach and if it isn’t serving you well, lean the opposite way to see if this shift helps to empower you.

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