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Vhong Navarro update: Tony Calvento reveals connection of Cedric Lee

Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro, Cedric Lee
Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro, Cedric Lee
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A respected journalist like Tony Calvento is an angel to actor-TV host Vhong Navarro, who is a victim of a mauling incident happened last Jan. 22 because he is very much willing to help Vhong in his battle and quest for truth even though he is not a relative.

As part of his support for Vhong Navarro, he almost confirmed that Cedric Lee is being protected by a cabinet secretary. He did not reveal the identity of the cabinet secretary, but based on his Facebook post, the businessman gets contracts from the police, the gov't and even the private sector because of his very popular backer-protector. Read his post below.

CEDRIC LEE tidbits:
Who's the real protector and backer of Cedric Lee, Tyrone Ong and Company? How true is it that since these two are fond of 'taking care' of a stable of girls.

They gift them to a cabinet member who is fond of women and wine. He is very close to P'noy and this the reason why they are able to get contracts from the police, the gov't and even the private sector.

This cabinet secretary should start distancing himself from these people if he does not want to be exposed. Who is he? He is often seen in the company of women dead drunk in hotels and asleep in the sofa of lounges. Need I expose his real identity?

The last time I heard was that he was so mad at Cedric that he is not even answering his phone calls. Mabuti naman, Mr. Secretary. Some people are clamoring for clues and initials... He dances to the music that Bayani Agbayani popularized.

Meanwhile, Vhong is still in the hospital and recovering from the injuries he sustained in the incident. Allegedly, he was beaten up by Cedric Lee and his men while he was visiting Deniece Cornejo. Cedric immediately dismissed the report, according to him, he and Zimmer Raz had just responded to Deniece's call for help.

But anyway, the case is now being reviewed by the DOJ. Reports said that Sec. Laila De Lima has formed a panel to conduct a preliminary investigation on the serious illegal detention case filed by the It's Showtime host against Deniece Cornejo, Bernice Lee, Cedric Lee and his men.

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