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Veterans Day: Why coins are left on soldier’s headstones?

Have you ever seen coins laying on a grave stone? Marking graves of fallen soldiers’ with a coin is a sign of remembrance of the deceased person and let’s their family know that someone had visited. This tradition is said to have begun in the U.S. during the Vietnam era as message to a soldier’s family that someone has came to pay their respects.

Marking graves with coins may or may not have been a tradition of the past, but it is certainly can be a new tradition on Veteran’s Day. Each denomination of coin has a special meaning; leave a penny means you visited to pay your respects. A nickel means you and the deceased soldier trained together at boot camp and a dime means you served with him in another capacity. A quarter means you served with the soldier when he was killed.

Leaving coins on headstones is said to have started in the U.S. during the Vietnam War, because of the politics and controversy over the war in Vietnam and many soldiers did not feel comfortable with the possibility of arguing politics relating to war. In order to let the family know someone had visited the grave money was left instead. Some veterans would also leave coins as a “down payment” to buy their fallen comrade a beer or play a hand of cards when they would finally be reunited.

On Memorial Day visit the graves of your local veterans and start a tradition in your own community and leave coins honoring their service. If you don't have the proper coin, any coin left is acceptable.

Another interesting item being left on grave stones are QR scan codes and why would someone do that you ask? Well according to the video source these QR codes are placed on graves so visitors can scan the code with their cell phone and learn more about the person buried whether it is a family member or a curious stranger.

Scanning the QR code takes you to a website that shows photos and information about that person for visitors, future generations or until the QR scan is no longer viable.


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