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Vendini late in notifying customers of hack attack

Computer Hackers
Computer Hackers
(Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images Dec 28, 2012)

Vendini Inc., a cloud-based event ticketing solution whose headquarters is in San Francisco, was hacked March 29, possibly affecting at least one million customers. Customers who purchased tickets to this year’s AT&T Pro Am golf tournament in Pebble Beach may have been affected. Vendini first detected the security breach April 25.

Although cyber attack occurred more than two months ago, some Vendini patrons are still receiving form letters today, notifying them of an “unauthorized intrusion into its systems”. The Maine Attorney General’s office reports nearly 23,000 state residents were affected by the hack and the California Attorney General’s website shows the incident was filed May 24.

An official statement, which mirrors the form letter nearly word by word, was posted May 21 on Vendini Inc.’s website from its President and CEO Mark Tacchi. Tech writer Bill Snyder wrote in a story published on, he first received an email from Vendini May 23, but an untold number of customers did not, possibly due to ending up in a spam folder or because one was never sent.

The statement explains the company has been “actively cooperating with federal law enforcement, and this posting was delayed specifically to support law enforcement’s investigation.” However, that didn’t help those who may have been notified from their credit card company of possible fraudulent activity the past two months.

If a customer’s credit card information was compromised, it may have already resulted in canceling the credit card, notifying companies a customer does business with, and taking necessary steps to delete credit card information from online services. Give credit to Vendini for explaining what steps an affected customer must take, including remaining vigilant, regularly reviewing credit card statements and reports for unauthorized activity. The statement further advises customers to contact the local law enforcement agency, State Attorney General’s office and FTC and not to respond to requests for sensitive personal information in relation to the incident.


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