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Vegan versus Paleo diets the mobs are angry

The diet has become a dedicated way of life and both vegan and paleo followers whole-heartedly defend that their way is the better way. Let’s face it, if the food group is to be found in the market place there is someone who does protest it.

Vegan versus Paleo diets the mobs are angry

Eating, like religion is a very personal experience

Your way of life is something you are bound to be passionate about. Suggesting others live by what you deem necessary for your health is like First Lady Obama telling parents how to raise their children healthily. Some are already doing it, some are greatly opposed to being told what to do even though they have already imposed health on their own children, while others don’t like the imposition one bit. So it goes when it comes to vegans versus paleos, do it my way or you are wrong in the name of health.

Angry opposition

So what is the problem? The problem is doing it your way and insisting others should too and anything but that is wrong or insane, and should be against the law. That may sound harsh, but just get involved in a paleo/vegan conversation and watch the anger unfold right before your very eyes. It all comes down to virtually “minding your own business.” Which a bulk of the people seem to have trouble doing.

What is vegan

A vegan lifestyle includes avoiding all meat foods, clothing or anything made in which an animal was used or in other words killed to produce. This “way of life” includes animal testing, the circus, leather goods and the like.

What is paleo

A paleo way of life is about getting back to the most natural form of what eating anything should be. Which means, no steroids or hormones, no preservatives or dyes, animals should be fed naturally in the pasture, vegetables should not be GMO, hybridized, or bred to repel bugs and so on, pretty much in a nutshell.

What’s healthier for weight loss

The battle of the bulge can be won as long as the calorie intake is at a healthy pace and the physical activity is kept up at a lively regular pace. A slow motion bum that sits for hours a day will gather lots of moss in the name of fat and clog in the arteries.

For most folks these days, you eat what you can afford to buy

Due to the prices of groceries, meat is left from most diets and only eaten minimally. Even for the occasional fast food jaunt, what is on your pizza or hamburger isn’t much in the way of animal protein. Vegetables and fruits can be pricey too. Thank goodness for gardens. Two women were talking in the store the other day, and both were talking about the fact that a piece of meat for stew thrown in the pot with vegetables used to be the cheapest way around a family meal. Not anymore. The price of meat has doubled along with vegetables. Whole grains and dry bean seem to be the cheapest way to go. Add a sprinkle of vegetables and meat and there’s the family meal. Seeds planting and taking advantage of the growing season is not the easiest way, depending on your nature, but is easier on the money you have left over to spend on other things.

Fresh farmer’s markets are the best economical way to go no matter what your fare

You get what you make. Was it made in love to feed you and your family? If you invest your hard earned money in junk, and lack of exercise, and make the food with the worst intentions, your health and your families health will respond in the negative. The idea is to get in your best healthy possible health. What ever it may be that works for you. Who is the vegan or the paleo to drop the angry bomb on others who may be different.

Stop the judgment madness

The world isn’t broken and it’s not up to you to fix it. The “differences” between us are not what is important. Everyone is on their own path, and everyone should be growing and learning each day, in love. It’s the ego that breaks down the human bonds that bring people together.

Stop slamming others for their health

Whether it be over eating or under eating, people are where they are on their journey. The truth of “paleo verusus vegan” is that just maybe the dieters of the world need to learn acceptance. It is true that some of us learn best by swinging way out into the extremes of life, before we come back in and find that happy middle ground that works best.

Exercise, physical activity and control of your healthy thoughts, is the key for everyone. A newborn child does not stop to think is it vegan milk, or was it grassfed. She eats heartedly because she is hungry. Too much thought goes into it, and too much thought is going into it if your mind is plum full of whether or not other people are eating, paleo or vegan.

It’s also true the world spends a lot of time walking around pointing their fingers at others

Practice pulling the fingers in, and taking a look at the man in the mirror, as the LifeRegenerator tells us in the video. Love and beauty, seeing it in the self and in others, and shine like stars. In love the unhealth and negative thoughts fall away off to the side. Cultivate tenderness and gentleness, kindness and compassion for one another and for the delicious wholesome food we eat gratefully is hyper-grace. The healing soul food is feeding it from within. Please pass the manna forward.

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