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Vatican child protection commission inspires hope, perspective is needed

In Tuesday's Distinctinctly Catholic blog on the website of the National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters (MSW) writes about his hopes for the new Vatican Commission on Child Protection. He is pleased that both a survivor and Sean Cardinal O'Malley (yes, that is how you are supposed to say it) are included in the commission. He also hopes that Bishop Finn of Kansas City is out - if not the Commission is not doing their jobs. You can read the essay on

My response is as hopeful, but a bit more cynical about the results of their work. They follow:

The make up of the commission is encouraging. It is quite the transition for Boston to go from having a Cardinal who covered this scandal up to having one who has and will clean it up for the entire Church. I suspect Finn will be gone soon and others, like Rigali, will be consigned to oblivion - aka discernment - for an extended period of time. Of course, when Peter the Roman becomes anti-pope, the bad boys will come out of the woodwork again, like demons in a bad horror movie.

Sadly, SNAP's expectations exceed what is possible. The Gospel places a condemnation of leading the young astray. The standard Church interpretation focuses on teaching them bad docrtine - except there was no doctrine in first century Christianity. I am sure, however, that children were probably abused even then (indeed, pederasty was rampant in the ancient world and still is in primitive cultures like Afghanistan). I don't see it being stamped out any time soon - indeed never is a good guess. It also occurs in families - not just in the Church. This is not to excuse it but only to argue for vigialence - both in and outside the Church.

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