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Valentine’s Day 2014: What do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day 2014: What women really want for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day 2014: What women really want for Valentine’s Day
MontrealGazette, Tina Burgess

For Valentine’s Day 2014, do women really want flowers, chocolates, or jewelry as many commercials advocate? In a large-scale national survey of 1,000 people, women answered that they love Valentine’s Day because it is an opportunity to receive love and affection. According to a Feb. 7, 2014, Business Insider report, “the diamond and perfume industries work in overdrive around Valentine's Day, with tons of commercials for sparkly jewels and the latest designer scents. But women want things they'll actually use and enjoy, not just the latest products companies are trying to hawk.”

According to WebProNews report titled “Valentine’s Day: What Women Really Want,” women want flowers, weekend getaways, jewelry, and favors. “If there is one thing women love, it’s watching their man clean. If you really want to sweep your woman off her feet, let her take Valentine’s Day weekend off and do all of the housework for her. You can do other small favors such as washing her car, doing the grocery shopping or putting away laundry instead. Not only is this an inexpensive gift option, it will probably be the one your wife or girlfriend likes the best.”

Valentine’s Day is on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014.

But are things that women "use and enjoy" sufficient as a Valentine’s Day gift? And is cleaning, giving her time off, washing her car, doing shopping, or putting laundry away really what women want as a Valentines?

According to the large-scale survey taken of 1,000 people in 49 states by Relationship Science Month, Monmouth University Professor Gary W. Lewandowski, Haverford College Professor Benjamin Le, and University of Texas Professor Timothy J. Loving, the three top gifts that women really want for Valentine’s Day are jewelry, flowers, or a heartfelt card or gift.

“The top three gifts women want for Valentine's Day are jewelry (35%), flowers (24%), or a heartfelt card/gift (10%). Men want sex (44%), thoughtful card (9%), and other (14%; ex. Video game). And nobody wants a gag gift or a pet.”

Valentine’s Day jewelry: In regard to jewelry, adding an inscription with a name and a date might turn an impersonal piece of jewelry into an amazing personalized piece symbolizing a man’s love and affection.

Valentine’s Day flowers: In regard to flowers, the survey recommends red roses as the best bet, carnations as a safe bet, and daisies as a bad choice. “Thinking of going for a more exotic choice? Its risky. 15% of those surveyed ranked something exotic (e.g., orchids) as their most preferred, but 17% ranked it as their least favorite.”

Valentine’s Day card/gift: In regard to a heartfelt card or gift, the keyword is “heartfelt.” Women enjoy personalized things. Connecting a card or a gift to a personal aspect in a woman’s life shows that a man does pay attention to her during the rest of the year. For men who are in a new relationship, giving a gift card to a movie theater might show her that her heart and her choice of movie matters.

Whether jewelry, flowers, a card, or any other gift, remembering that there is an Athena in every woman might be the best rule of thumb to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a woman. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill is usually depicted on a pedestal.

And that is what every woman really wants for Valentine’s Day --being on a pedestal like a goddess on one special day -- being loved and admired.

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