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Vaccines cause children to have more allergies and disease

In the first year of life, children in the United States are required by law to have vaccinations. When children start school, parents are required by law to continue vaccinating their kids. Exceptions are made for those who fall under certain religious categories. What are these vaccinations truly good for? Are they helping children, or causing more harm than good?

According to a report by Natural News, vaccinated children have up to 500% more occurrences of disease and allergies than those who are not vaccinated. Studies are proving that there has been a rise in cases of diseases such as autism and it is believed to be directly linked to vaccines.

The vaccine controversy has heated up over the last several years. Scientists are scrambling for federal funding for research, to give parents answers to looming questions. In the days of the early 20th century, vaccines helped to prevent the spread of diseases such as polio and the measles. In 2012, these diseases very seldom occur in children, thus eliminating the need for those same vaccines. Today, more updated vaccines exist for illnesses such as HPV, Hepatitis, Pertussis, MMR and Rotavirus.

Controversy surrounding the preservative known as Thimerosal raised the question as to whether it played a role in childhood autism. Thimerosal is a preservative used for many years to keep vaccines fresh prior to being administered to patients. The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control answered with a resounding "no." According to both federal organizations, there is no direct link between Thimerosal and childhood autism.

Other studies conducted by researchers and not picked up by mainstream media, show different results. One such study took place in 1992 in New Zealand. Comparisons were made between families who had vaccinated children and those who were not vaccinated. The results were astounding, proving that unvaccinated children had fewer cases of common diseases and ailments suffered by vaccinated children.


Dangers of Pediatric Vaccinations


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