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Va. DMV to investigate possible illegal activity by Dem. Mike Dickinson

Virginia DMV says it will investigate allegations of illegal activity by Dem. Mike Dickinson.
Virginia DMV says it will investigate allegations of illegal activity by Dem. Mike Dickinson.
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On Monday, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles said on Twitter it will be "looking into" possible illegal activity by Mike Dickinson, the Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., despite not being on the ballot.

On Sunday, Dickinson urged his followers to violate Virginia law and call police to harass members of the Tea Party. He also posted pictures of license plates he said belonged to members of the Tea Party and asked supporters to violate DMV rules to "expose" the private information of people with whom he disagrees. Dickinson's actions would also appear to violate federal law.

Later, he posted a tweet indicating that a police officer ran the plate of a man who had the history of the U.S. flag on the tailgate of his truck

"Special thanks again for that info on identifying the tea partier. Always support the police," he wrote.

This did not sit too well with one person who said he would forward the information to various agencies, including the Federal Elections Commission and the DMV. The DMV Twitter account responded, indicating it would investigate the allegation.

"We take serious any allegation like this. #VADMV info is private&protected. We'll be looking into it," the agency said.

The person who reported the information also suggested Dickinson might also be guilty of violating RICO statutes.

A post at This Ain't Hell called Dickinson "felonious" and said Virginia voters need to steer clear of him. That may not be a problem because as of now, he is not on the ballot in the district -- at least, not as a Democrat.

This isn't the first time Dickinson appears to have skirted the law. Prior to having his Twitter account shut down for the second time, he issued what can only be called an online threat against GOP state Delegate Robert G. Marshall. In a tweet issued about mid-April, he called Marshall a "terrorist" and vowed to go after him once he decimates the Tea Party.

"@RobertGMarshall you are a terrorist. After I decimate the tea party I am coming after you and the stupidity that is your rhetoric," he tweeted.

When asked why he targeted Marshall, Dickinson simply advised Examiner to "Google" him, and said the GOP lawmaker, who is also seeking a House seat, "needs to be repudiated" for making statements Dickinson doesn't like. Marshall did not respond to our request for comments.

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