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Va. Dem. wants police called on Tea Party members, seeks personal information

Virginia Democrat seeks privileged information on Tea Party members, want police called if spotted.
Virginia Democrat seeks privileged information on Tea Party members, want police called if spotted.
Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Mike Dickinson, a Virginia Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., despite not being on the ballot, has returned to Twitter and is now demanding that the police be called on members of the Tea Party when they are spotted driving, Twitchy reported. As we reported in mid-April, Dickinson's Twitter account was shut down after he called the Tea Party "anti American," but it appears he managed to get his account re-instated.

Now he is back with a vengeance, and says he is determined to "expose" what he calls Tea Party "idiots." Moreover, he is soliciting help from his fellow leftists in the liberal hate machine to engage in what appears to be illegal activity.

"Tea partiers want to claim democracy but they are cowards. They put my address out in open- I'm going to put theirs," he said in what appears to be an incomplete message.

"If you live in VA and can run this tag- I want to expose this tea party idiot," he tweeted Saturday. Included with his tweet is a picture of a vehicle license plate. Naturally, his tweet outraged a number of people.

"You go on social media and seek to harm others. You are scum," one person said.

".@SouthernKeeks is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. If she calls you scum, @VoteMike2014, you must be the lowest scum there is," another person said.

"You do realize that doing so is illegal under the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, right?" one person asked.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the information Dickinson wants exposed was made privileged in 1994. The DMV also says the general public no longer has access to the information contained in these records.

The DMV further says the information Dickinson wants is only available to law enforcement, government entities and business entities attempting to locate an individual in order to pursue a remedy against them, such as repossessing a vehicle. Dickinson, who is not even an official candidate for office, does not fall into any of these categories.

It's not the first time Dickinson has engaged in activity that appears to skirt the law, if not Twitter's terms of service. In mid-April, we reported that Dickinson issued what can only be called an online threat against GOP state Delegate Robert G. Marshall. In his tweet, Dickinson called Marshall a "terrorist" and threatened to go after him once he decimates the Tea Party.

Earlier in the month, the Chesterfield Observer said Dickinson may run as an independent or as a member of the Green Party. Dickinson, the Observer added, said he ran afoul of women in local Democratic committees due to his ties to local adult businesses.

Moreover, the Observer said, a former campaign intern says Dickinson owes her $85 for work she did for his campaign. Jessica Lynn, a VCU senior who began working part time for Dickinson in February said he owes her for 10 hours of work and has so far refused to pay or respond to her inquiries.

“I’ve been really patient,” she told the Observer. “I’m not trying to be the crazy, bitter ex-employee, but you can’t treat people like that. If you’re going to run away from $85, how are people supposed to trust you as an elected official?”

Dickinson, who spends much of his time issuing unhinged rants on Twitter, claims that he's not harassing the Tea Party.

"I don't support harassing or harming the tea party. I just want to know the names and addresses of who they are. It's a free country," he tweeted.

"Don’t harass them; just take down their license plates and call the police," the Twitchy staff added.

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