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Va. Dem. says 'war' against Tea Party 'is on,' defends harassment

Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson says "war" with Tea Party "is on."
Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson says "war" with Tea Party "is on."
Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., despite not being on the ballot, declared in a tweet issued Thursday that his "war" with the Tea Party "is on." He also defended his harassment of those he believes are in the Tea Party.

"Great morning toying with the RW. Off to enjoy this nice day. Remember- if you see a tea partier take a photo, send it to me. War is on," he tweeted.

Since coming on the national scene with his claim that Fox News lies and his call for Stalinist measures to monitor and regulate the network, Dickinson has issued over 2,500 tweets, mostly taking aim at conservatives he feels are "trash." Now, his campaign -- if one can call it that -- is nothing more than a platform to engage in hate speech and harassment of conservatives.

Instead of just declaring conservatives, gun owners and Christians "trash," he has encouraged his followers to violate state and federal laws regarding privileged motor vehicle information. He also encouraged followers to violate the law by using police to harass those he suspects may be Tea Party members.

Dickinson's latest declaration of war against conservatives did not sit well with a number of people.

"War is on? So you're for legalized murder by government?" one person asked.

"Mike, your idea of 'toying' with anyone who doesn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid just gives us more ammo to beat you in November," another person added, while another Twitter user said Dickinson sounds like a fascist.

Dickinson's activities appear to have caught the attention of at least one state agency. On Tuesday, we reported that the Virginia DMV said on Twitter it would investigate allegations that Dickinson may have violated the law. Dickinson, however, claims the agency can do nothing to him, and promised to continue his campaign of harassment.

"DMV can't do anything to me. It was my first amendment right," he said.

"You want a right to march around carrying a flag and guns, I want a right to call you a idiot (sic), photo you, and id you for doing so," he added in another tweet.

Dickinson has been quite outspoken in his opinion that anyone to the right of Stalin is, in his view, a "terrorist." He has also openly declared "war" on Fox News, the NRA and others he considers "trash."

But it appears that Dickinson's repeated calls for war against those with whom he disagrees is backfiring. Practically every tweet in response to his messages are highly critical, with one person saying his actions are reminiscent of those taken by the Nazis.

"[T]his is what #fascists do," Twitter user "John Ira" said. "So that the opposition can be dealt with appropriately #Nazis thought the same."

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