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Va. Dem. says gun owners like 'little kids,' guns need to be titled, registered

Virginia Democrat says gun owners like little children, demands guns be titled, registered like cars.
Virginia Democrat says gun owners like little children, demands guns be titled, registered like cars.
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Late Wednesday night, Mike Dickinson, a Virginia Democrat running to replace Eric Cantor, R-Va., in the House of Representatives, compared gun owners to children in a message on Twitter. Earlier in the day, he said guns should be "titled" and registered just like cars.

"Gun owners are like little kids right now. They all the rights but none of the responsibility (sic). With rights comes responsibility," he tweeted.

One person said Dickinson should either "quit huffing paint thinner or quit twitter."

"Reading your tweets is like watching Idiocracy," added "Chair Force One."

One person, however, expressed hope he would win the election "so you can use ARMED Govt agents to disarm these gun owners." We were informed by email that individual was being facetious with his comment.

In another tweet, Dickinson said that anyone who sells a gun should be responsible if that weapon is used in a crime, making a comparison to bar owners who sell alcohol to those who drink and drive.

"If you as a private person sell someone a gun and it is used in a crime you should be held civilly responsible," he said.

"If you sell a gun and it ends up being used in a crime or shooting- you should be held responsible," he wrote in another message.

"Gun retailers should be as well if a gun is used in crime," he added in another tweet.

Dickinson, however, said he is not for "removing guns," but compared them "to the norovirus" and made it clear he wants them to be treated like vehicles, and all sellers held responsible for actions taken after the sale.

He also suggested every state have the same gun control laws.

"If every state had same gun control laws, America would be healthy. However we do not. We have some sick states that get everyone else ill," he tweeted.

He also went after the NRA, saying the organization should fight for abortion and LGBT rights since it supports freedom.

Recently, Dickinson attacked Fox News and suggested the FCC "monitor and regulate" the network.

Since that report, Dickinson has agreed to debate this writer on Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. Pacific time, here.



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