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US student gets rescued from giant vagina statue in Germany

Vagina statue snatches young male student
Erick Guzman Imgur

Talk about a total situation all f*&^% up! Reported today, June 23, a United States exchange student got himself severely stuck inside a giant vagina sculpture in Germany, and it took more than 20 firefighters to ‘deliver’ the student. The red Veronese marble sculpture is named “Pi Chacan” (which means making love), by artist Fernando de la Jara, apparently one college student found out that love can sometimes take a hard grip when you least expect it.

The sculpture sits just outside the Tubingen University. There have not been reports so far what the 22 year old’s name is. But who blames him with stories going viral; his name and face will be remembered as the young dude laying on the ground, with half his torso being swallowed by a giant vagina sculpture -- and on a good note, his pants were still on. Seriously, this story is what American TV late night skits are made of. According to the Guardian, the mayor of Tubingen told a local newspaper that he couldn’t wrap his mind around how this accident happened, “even when considering the most extreme adolescent fantasies. To reward such a masterly achievement with the use of 22 firefighters almost pains my soul.” Pretty sure it pained the soul of the the student who had to be rescued. Apparently the reason he became stuck was harmless. Erik Guzman told the Metro News his friend just wanted to take a funny picture, and when he went to step out he became stuck.

Of course Guzman couldn’t resist the urge to snap a couple photos of him being stuck and upload them to Guzman posted, “my friend got stuck in the vagina statute in Tubingen. Even local police couldn’t resist taking a jab at this unimaginable accident. They said, since the firefighters delivered the young male student “by hand without the application of tools,” rescuers used midwife tactics that day. If you’re wondering how he must have felt as students walked past him lying helpless on the ground with half his body lodged inside the sculpture, Guzman said, “the fire department was not really amused, and his friend was really embarrassed.” But with the photos having almost half a million views in the last two days, and the story being one-of-a-kind, Guzman said his friend was “happy because he was first on Reddit!”

Wonder what other folks think? Check out the comments under the Imgur posting. At least the photos show the young American college student laughing at himself being stuck in a giant vagina sculpture in Germany.

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