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US student body found: 21-year-old dead in Italian railroad tunnel

US student body found in Italy.
US student body found in Italy.
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A US student body found in central Rome has investigators trying to unravel what happened. John Durkin, 21, went missing two days ago after going to a bar with a group of friends. Police confirmed Saturday that Durkin's body was found inside a railroad tunnel.

The 21-year-old student attended Bates College in Maine, but was one of six students who traveled to Italy as part of a study program in Rome through Trinity College in Connecticut, CNN reports Feb. 22. He was to be there for a semester for studies in economics and had been there for just over a month. Both colleges are working aggressively with Italian authorities to learn as to how the US student body found got there and why Durkin died.

"It is with much sadness that the Durkin family informs you of the loss of John Nolen Durkin and thanks everyone for their support during the past few days," Durkin's family said in a statement.

When Durkin left the bar after being out with friends two days ago, the report stated that he left the venue alone.

Durkin was a junior and also played as his football team's linebacker.

With a lot of attention put on this case, hopefully investigators will learn soon why the US student body found in Rome was the end result of this missing person.

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