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Upper Pennisula men face charges of purposely torturing wounded coyotes

Two Gogebic County men from Michigan face felony animal cruelty charges for the alleged deliberate torture of an injured and helpless coyote they videotaped earlier this year, showing a most disturbing attack of hunting dogs mauling and killing the helpless animal, as it lay dying reported

Coyote pictured is not the animal tortured in the article.

The original YouTube video, uploaded on February 20 has been removed, but showed a beautiful silver coyote one of the hunters stated he had shot several times just lying motionless in the snow. In the video, the hunter sarcastically announces the "live action shot" as he calls his three hunting dogs, Doc, Duke and Cooter over to attack the already fatally injured coyote. Plaintive cries of agony from the coyote are heard on the video as the hunting dogs savagely attack and kill the defenseless animal. Meanwhile, the hunter urges his dogs on with "get em boy" and "get em Duke."

A second video, although the contents have not been made public, according to, showed a coyote purposely chased and hit with a motor vehicle. The two hunters were present at the videotaping of this video, and this time one of the men's 12-year-old son was at the scene holding a gun. The men just stood around and watched the coyote suffer from its injuries until one of the hunters stated on the video that he used a gun "and dispatched the coyote."

A modified version of the original video was released by the Humane Society of the United States in June, although the investigation still continues. Please be warned the video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Jill Fritz, Michigan's state director for the HSUS stated:

Every sportsman should be appalled that another video allegedly shows the deliberate torture of an injured and helpless coyote. I hope that hunting organizations will join together in urging that those involved in these acts are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

After watching the HSUS video, Holly Brown sadly commented:

"I cried so hard, not just for the poor coyote, but for the dogs, the poor child that is being taught that this sort of brutality is "fun" or "sport," and the men themselves that their minds are so damaged that they could enjoy watching this. THIS IS NOT SPORT OR HUNTING. I was raised in the South and in the country."

Conservation Officer Grant Emery recommends more charges against the men. If charged and found guilty of felony deliberate torture, the men could face up to four years in prison.

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