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Updates for real production 2015 Chevrolet Colorado at Minnesota State Fair

Real production 2015 Chevrolet Colorado at Minnesota State Fair. The new midsize offering from Chevrolet was a Crew Cab LT 4x4 with 6-foot box.
Real production 2015 Chevrolet Colorado at Minnesota State Fair. The new midsize offering from Chevrolet was a Crew Cab LT 4x4 with 6-foot box.
Aaron Ahlstrom

Being able to finally go over a true production version of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado was a treat.

No quickie re-spray (Car Craft Summer Nationals display) or a VIN with “EX” declaring it experimental or pre-production mule.

The black Crew Cab LT 4x4 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds was not a Z71, but still offered a real glimpse (sans test drive) of how capable – and worlds better – this new midsize is compared to its predecessors.

Outside, a few noticeable things. First, the rockers had a paint protection from the factory, a hard anti-chip/stone-guard sprayed on the lower few inches. It wasn't highly noticeable, but it’s there for a reason and is a welcome addition. Out back in the hauling area, the bed was a 6-foot version. This display truck also sported the trailering package, only available on the V6 models, according to current ordering RPO options. Hopefully the trailering package will be made available on the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder, something that has been offered on past models.

We stand corrected, however, in that the interior was not leather. Looking through the windows when it was locked, it appeared they were the upscale interior. Turns out, the buckets were cloth, though they have a similar pattern to the two-tone leather pieces we've been seeing lately. Either way, we were not disappointed, as they were comfortable and featured full power adjust. It felt great to actually motor the seats down and all the way back. For 6-footers and those with longer legs, there is plenty of room. The tilt and telescoping wheel helped too, coming back about 2 inches for the perfect combination of reach. In short, completely luxurious seats in comparison to the outgoing Colorado.

Looking from the ten-and-two hand positions on the wheel, the view is nice. The headroom was excellent, with at least a fist above my head for clearance. We briefly monkeyed with the MyLink system computer/nav screen and found it easy to use like a cell phone. The steering wheel radio dials (also on the dash) are long overdue on the Colorado model.

To the lower left of the dash are the 4x4 button controls. Not much to describe here, but it did confirm that this was a 4x4 model. As expected with the Crew Cab, propping the hood lever just below revealed a 3.6 liter V6. The 6-speed automatic shifter in the console looks to have manual mode (see “M” and the “plus/minus” on the thumb button) in the pictures, though we’re unsure if this is standard LT fare. The RPO options listed hill decent/trailering only available on the V6 models, so we figured that’s what we have here.

Behind you, this LT had an electric defrost rear window. No sliding rear window, as that option is said to be a late introduction. Too bad they couldn't combine both the slider and defroster, a sensible and convenient option that would be a joy in any truck.

Since this was a Crew Cab, the back seat was spacious. The bench is split and both top halves can be folded flat with a quick pull of a small strap by the headrests, which are also removable. Under the seat bottom potion is a drawer-sized storage area. Pull the outside lower lever and it can be lifted up quite easily. In the middle seat back is a small pull-out fold-down console that can hold a few beverages or be hidden away.

In review, GM has done a remarkable job re-imagining the midsize pickup. The newest Colorado is definitely larger than before, though not as big as its larger (more profitable) brother, the Silverado. It feels roomier on the interior, more upscale, yet this is only the LT model. Adding a fully-loaded truck with leather, perhaps a moon roof (when and/if announced) would probably entice full-size buyers to perhaps step down a notch, if you could call it that, for the mileage (EPA figures have not been released) and maneuverability.

Though obviously new, we find the Colorado quite literally a breath of fresh air for a so-called small pick-me-up. It is sure to wake up what once was a sleeping mid-size market.

Preliminary pricing has been released with the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado starting at $20,995 including destination charges. This display did not have a window sticker with MSRP. We were also told that October is when the trucks will be available. More detailed pricing should be made available closer to official release dates.

Special thanks to Antonio, of Texas, the Chevy representative who offered excellent assistance.

Check out the slideshow for more details of the highly anticipated 2015 Chevrolet Colorado.

The 2015 GMC Canyon was not on display at the fairgrounds.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together runs from Thursday Aug 21st through Labor Day, Monday Sept 1st. For more information of the Minnesota State Fair, click here:

For more information on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, visit the official website:

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