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Update on Suzy, the elderly dog whose guardian died

Suzy is safe and free from the facility
Synergy Rescue

It is a happy day for one elderly dog named "Suzy."

Suzy, an elderly Jack Russell terrier mix, found herself at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif., on Feb. 7 after her guardian died.

Today - she is free, safe and loved once again.

The rescue agency, Synergy, saved Suzy from the animal control facility and they posted this heartwarming update on Wednesday:

Welcome to our brood, Suzy -
Today is a happy day for this sweet little gem. She’s enjoying her newfound freedom and looking forward to a life of love and snuggles. Suzy is a Jack Russell terrier mix, and it’s rumored that her favorite place to spend time is in your lap. There’s nothing more relaxing than cradling a tranquil li’l nugget in your arms. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend this, as it’s pretty much the secret to everlasting happiness and well-being.

Winding up at an animal control facility was beyond Suzy's control, and because of her advanced age, the odds of her finding an adopter put her at risk of never walking free from the facility again.

Thanks to a rescue organization which was willing to take her in, Suzy will now be able to enjoy her golden years as a beloved companion, rather than becoming a sad statistic at an over-crowded animal control facility.

Donations for Suzy's veterinary care can be made here.

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