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Update: Is Rachel McAdams feuding with Keanu Reeves over quitting 'Passengers?'

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After it was recently announced by several sources that Rachel McAdams suddenly dropped out of "Passengers," a sci-fi drama written by Jon Spaihts ( Prometheus ), there are now new rumors suggesting that she and Keanu Reeves are now feuding as a result of her quitting the movie. Hollywood Take reported on March 14 that this certainly seems to be the case.

Rachel McAdams left the project causing the delay of a shoot scheduled for early this April in Germany. The Weinstein Company will cease distribution of "Passengers" and the film, which was supposed to be released on April 3, 2015, is now delayed after Rachel McAdams left for unknown reasons.

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The film takes place in the not too distant future and it tells the story of Jim Preston (Reeves) a mechanic on a 120-year voyage to colonize a planet in another galaxy. He is the first man whose years-long sleep in space is aborted 90 years too early. Preston realizes he is stuck on a spaceship with other passengers and which is further populated by robots and androids.

Preston faces the daunting prospect of growing old and dying alone so he decides to wake up a another person, a beautiful woman to keep him company.

The two eventually fall in love, but soon realize that they have to deal with a potentially catastrophic failure of their ship.

McAdams' sudden departure is just one more issue the film is facing as the space romance has been plagued by problems in the past few weeks. Hollywood Take writes that...."Though the Weinstein Co. acquired U.S. rights to the movie at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, the company pulled its financial backing after learning of McAdams' departure."

"CAA, which is handling domestic rights, will have to look for other U.S. distributors, but that will be very difficult without a female lead," the report said.



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