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Update: Beatles friend Tony Sheridan's condition improving

Tony Sheridan
Tony Sheridan
Wikimedia Commons

A friend of singer Tony Sheridan, who was hospitalized in December and who sang with the Beatles on early sessions that included “My Bonnie (Lies Over the Ocean),” told Beatles Examiner Thursday Sheridan is awake and doing better.

Dave Humphries, who has recorded with Sheridan and performed with him at the 2012 San Diego Beatlefair, passed along a message that came from his family. “Now we can all have a Happy New Year 2013. Tony Sheridan is awake. Official.”

Also included was the message, “Tony Sheridan's family wish to thank you, for your support, throughout this stressful time, and wishes to give you all this wonderful News. God Bless you All.”

In mid-December, it was reported that Sheridan has been hospitalized. A report from a friend in Germany said he had heart surgery.

Sheridan made a rare concert appearance in the U.S. in late October at the San Diego Beatlefair. Sheridan recorded with the Beatles, which then included Pete Best on drums, in 1961 in Germany in a session produced by orchestra leader Bert Kaempfert. The songs from that session, which included "My Bonnie," have been issued and reissued many times over the years, most recently by Time-Life as "The Beatles With Tony Sheridan First Recordings: 50th Anniversary Edition," which was issued in 2011.

The CD was nominated for a Grammy for best liner notes in the current awards which will be announced next month.

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