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Up-and-comers umnavio cruise to redefine pop-rock

umnavio won't walk the plank
umnavio won't walk the plank
Ludmila Dal


  • saad 5 years ago

    ship of sounds

  • brenda 5 years ago

    i listen to the musics and now i can say: really good band. in the first song i felt like a kid, lost in somewhere. "a saudade" is the name and i don't know what means but is fantastic.

    i'm serious. thank you nilo, to introduce this amazing music into my life.


  • brenda 5 years ago

    obs.: everyone should push the play!

  • J.B. Stevens 5 years ago

    this is friggin' awesome! I wish I could understand all the words.... Do they have any song in english?
    Truly great band, I'm happy I became aware of them

  • Abe Castilho 5 years ago

    hell, this sounds good

  • Victor Soares 5 years ago

    Olá Nilo, desculpa comentar em português, mas meu inglês escrito não é dos melhores.

    Gosto muito dos seu trabalho e conheço muita coisa através dos seus textos.

    Keep doing!

    Existem outros lugares para onde vc escreve? Estou realmente interessado. Obrigado.

  • Thais Navarro 5 years ago

    Quer saber de uma coisa?

    Pois eu digo de qualquer jeito.

    -Essa banda é ótima, obrigada por me apresentar.
    - Vc é foda, obrigada pelos textos geniais.


  • Julliet Collins 5 years ago

    they look so young! sounds weird to me, you know? brazilian music like that. I'll give it a second try

  • A.K. 5 years ago

    you'll make it today, right? you'd better

  • Marshall KIng 5 years ago

    this is some dope sh*t right here

  • Lucas 5 years ago

    Super! Je ne crois pas que cette expression "a saudade" existe ni en anglais, ni en français. ça veut dire quelque chose comme le sentiment q'on a quand quelqu'un nous mangue.

    I don't think the expression"a saudade" exists in English, but it is the feeling you have when you miss someone.

    très chic mec! hahahhaa

  • cheba 5 years ago

    preaty good article, but the term Pop Rock in these days is so fullfiled whith bands that sucks, that i wouldn't there to use it to describe anything I like.

  • Robert C. H. 5 years ago

    yeah, what is pop rock in brazil, anyway? I thought caetano and stuff like that were brazilian pop music. rock is not a brazilian thing, is it?

  • LaShara Jenkins 5 years ago

    omg, they look so cute! I gotta say that it reminds me cap and jazz a little. They should write something in english, they can make it here, it sounds really good.
    I loved it!

  • Maria Williams-Barkley 5 years ago

    congrats for the band, I wasn't expecting it ti be that good

  • Evan G 5 years ago

    shitty songs

  • ed van werduin 5 years ago

    i dig it

  • Manuela Lourenço 5 years ago

    Muito bom nilo!

  • H. Flanningham 5 years ago

    c'mon, it's sweet. it sounds like you're sleeping and dreaming of coming back home from a long, tough period spent far away.
    I only wish I could understand the words, but that's ok. music speaks for itself

  • Jay WW 5 years ago

    good, good, good. it sounds homemade, but good homemade.
    can we get the album around here? probably not, right...

  • Catherine S 5 years ago

    where's my comment?

  • M. Werner 5 years ago

    That's not brazilian music, if you think about it. They just sing it in brazilian language.

  • Dan O'Connor 5 years ago

    feed them to the sharks, I say! LOL!
    I kid, says you

  • Brazilian guy 5 years ago

    "M. Werner" What is brazilian music for you?

  • Rupert. M 5 years ago

    genuinely good

  • Anton M; 5 years ago

    are they playing here anytime soon?

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