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Up-and-comers umnavio cruise to redefine pop-rock

umnavio won't walk the plank
umnavio won't walk the plank
Ludmila Dal

In times where the waters are anything but still, one needs a hell of a fine boat to sail through them. That's why umnavio's name (one ship) is so fit for its purposes. Formed and based in Uberlandia, MG, umnavio picture the basic idea of having a band: four friends who happen to love music and want to make it together. They work with a very underappreciated formula but take it to a whole new level. The single "Descanso", which is a live session, reminds oneself of the times when the word indie meant something special, creative, original and visceral; their ep, 2009's "Sete Coisas Que a Gente Guarda no Bolso", out by Cheder Records, it's a compilation of truly amazing songs. Outstanding lyrics, very emotional singing, pure and raw feeling. With deserved media, the record might open the door for many other great musical acts hidden and crushed under a widely ignorant concept of what popular rock music is.

"Sete coisas..." is structured in seven songs (and one bonus track) named quite simply yet the titles are richly illustrated by the words. It can be thought of as conceptual. It's just one of the many ways to look at it. Some magazines linked them to bands like Cap n' Jazz and a few of the so called "real emo" scene, the one which boomed in the 90's, long time before the term Emo started being regarded as it is today. However, that statement can be easily put to test. At most, it can be related to exquisite underground bands in Brazil, such as Polara, the late-great College, Gigante Animal (whom they toured with) and many others but, even though they're great groups, umnavio has that special something that it's been missing from brazilian pop rock scene. For them, music comes first. That's crystal clear as soon as you play the first track. It's unawarely popular. It's evolution.

The band is currently on hiatus when it comes to live gigs but are expected to release a new EP in early 2011. It will be tough to match "Sete Coisas..." quality and, as lead singer/guitarrist Lucas Vasconcelos said, they're "still trying to write a song better than Descanso". As worried as he might be, though, there's no trouble there. The follow up should be better or, at least, just as good. As for a full-lenght, the quartet is taking their time at the sea.

In this dark era music has been experiencing, umnavio refuse to walk the plank, they'd rather shine a light on a scenario that can redefine what pop-rock is. So, climb up your local lighthouse, mate, and keep an eye on the horizon. This ship has come to make port.

check out:
umnavio's myspace
cheder records


  • saad 4 years ago

    ship of sounds

  • brenda 4 years ago

    i listen to the musics and now i can say: really good band. in the first song i felt like a kid, lost in somewhere. "a saudade" is the name and i don't know what means but is fantastic.

    i'm serious. thank you nilo, to introduce this amazing music into my life.


  • brenda 4 years ago

    obs.: everyone should push the play!

  • J.B. Stevens 4 years ago

    this is friggin' awesome! I wish I could understand all the words.... Do they have any song in english?
    Truly great band, I'm happy I became aware of them

  • Abe Castilho 4 years ago

    hell, this sounds good

  • Victor Soares 4 years ago

    Olá Nilo, desculpa comentar em português, mas meu inglês escrito não é dos melhores.

    Gosto muito dos seu trabalho e conheço muita coisa através dos seus textos.

    Keep doing!

    Existem outros lugares para onde vc escreve? Estou realmente interessado. Obrigado.

  • Thais Navarro 4 years ago

    Quer saber de uma coisa?

    Pois eu digo de qualquer jeito.

    -Essa banda é ótima, obrigada por me apresentar.
    - Vc é foda, obrigada pelos textos geniais.


  • Julliet Collins 4 years ago

    they look so young! sounds weird to me, you know? brazilian music like that. I'll give it a second try

  • A.K. 4 years ago

    you'll make it today, right? you'd better

  • Marshall KIng 4 years ago

    this is some dope sh*t right here

  • Lucas 4 years ago

    Super! Je ne crois pas que cette expression "a saudade" existe ni en anglais, ni en français. ça veut dire quelque chose comme le sentiment q'on a quand quelqu'un nous mangue.

    I don't think the expression"a saudade" exists in English, but it is the feeling you have when you miss someone.

    très chic mec! hahahhaa

  • cheba 4 years ago

    preaty good article, but the term Pop Rock in these days is so fullfiled whith bands that sucks, that i wouldn't there to use it to describe anything I like.

  • Robert C. H. 4 years ago

    yeah, what is pop rock in brazil, anyway? I thought caetano and stuff like that were brazilian pop music. rock is not a brazilian thing, is it?

  • LaShara Jenkins 4 years ago

    omg, they look so cute! I gotta say that it reminds me cap and jazz a little. They should write something in english, they can make it here, it sounds really good.
    I loved it!

  • Maria Williams-Barkley 4 years ago

    congrats for the band, I wasn't expecting it ti be that good

  • Evan G 4 years ago

    shitty songs

  • ed van werduin 4 years ago

    i dig it

  • Manuela Lourenço 4 years ago

    Muito bom nilo!

  • H. Flanningham 4 years ago

    c'mon, it's sweet. it sounds like you're sleeping and dreaming of coming back home from a long, tough period spent far away.
    I only wish I could understand the words, but that's ok. music speaks for itself

  • Jay WW 4 years ago

    good, good, good. it sounds homemade, but good homemade.
    can we get the album around here? probably not, right...

  • Catherine S 4 years ago

    where's my comment?

  • M. Werner 4 years ago

    That's not brazilian music, if you think about it. They just sing it in brazilian language.

  • Dan O'Connor 4 years ago

    feed them to the sharks, I say! LOL!
    I kid, says you

  • Brazilian guy 4 years ago

    "M. Werner" What is brazilian music for you?

  • Rupert. M 4 years ago

    genuinely good

  • Anton M; 4 years ago

    are they playing here anytime soon?

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