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Unfaithful marriage: Muslim and Jew

'Muslim and Jewish Leaders Unite to Combat Hatred'
'Muslim and Jewish Leaders Unite to Combat Hatred'

Why is this a politics story? Because politics is religion and vice versa.

How else could one describe it when a Muslim marries a Jew? There is a certain bit of yellow journalism in this story. If a person is devoutly religious either to Jewish or Islamic faiths, how can they reconcile the two into the sacrament of marriage? There is surely much ideological contradiction to work out. Then again, in the process however they do it, something great evolves through love, collaboration, and consensus.

Humanity thrives on tolerance and respect for individual freedom among all people regardless of faith, creed, race, gender or any other discriminating factor. Humanity demands equality. Therefore, any construct in ideological form that defines one sect being superior to another loses in the free world human scale.

Scenario #1

So an Arab and a Jew walk into a civil ceremony venue and say that they want to get married. The justice says, so you love one another and want to share a life together. The couple answer yes in unison. So be it, sign here. You may now kiss if that’s what you want.

That is not what happened.

Scenario #2

Here you are at the mosque and you two want to get married. It says here that you are a Jew, young lady. She answers that she was but has converted to Islam. If you thought that there were inequalities in life before, wait until you live the life of a Muslim woman. Go ahead, it is your decision. Don’t kiss in public as we don’t want to see that.

That is more like what happened only much worse because there are protests all around. See the story from the TheNationalUAE.

All interfaith marriages result in either living with contradictions or resolving them through capitulation where one or the other converts. In the end, when love is strong and respect is equal, humanity trumps mythology and life goes on. Right?

Diversity is a good thing so long as there is tolerance among all. Discrimination that is inequality is a bad thing as it provokes intolerance that results in perpetual conflict. The more that people cross the line among ideologies and learn to collaborate and reach consensus for peace sake, the better off we all are.

“Jewish-Muslim wedding brings out bitter Israel tensions

August 18, 2014 Updated: August 18, 2014 10:05 PM

RISHON LEZION, Israel // Israeli police on Sunday blocked more than 200 far-right Israeli protesters from rushing guests at a wedding of a Jewish woman and Muslim man as they shouted “death to the Arabs” in a sign of tensions stoked by the Gaza war.

Several dozen police, including members of the force’s most elite units, formed human chains to keep the protesters from the wedding hall’s gates and chased after many who defied them. Four protesters were arrested, and there were no injuries.

A lawyer for the couple, Maral Malka, 23, and Mahmoud Mansour, 26, both from the Jaffa section of Tel Aviv, had unsuccessfully sought a court order to bar the protest. He obtained backing for police to keep protesters 200 metres from the wedding hall in the Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon Lezion.

The protest highlighted a rise in tensions between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel in the past two months amid a month-long Gaza war, the kidnap and slaying of three Israeli teenagers in June followed by a revenge choking and torching to death of a Palestinian teen in the Jerusalem area.

A group called Lehava, which organised the wedding demonstration, has harassed Jewish-Arab couples in the past, often citing religious grounds for their objections to intermarriage. But they have rarely protested at the site of a wedding.”

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