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UN whistle blower warns about economic destruction program

Leaders gather at The Hague, headquarters of the European Union.
Leaders gather at The Hague, headquarters of the European Union.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

A United Nations whistle blower has charged that the European Union, in collaboration with the U.N., has implemented a dangerous economic destruction program that is aimed directly at the United States.

The EU and other nations of the world, according to the whistle blower, are actively creating "a new reality" in an effort to dismantle American economic prominence. The U.N., in the view of the whistle blower, is working in tandem to reinvigorate European socialism and eastern European Communism as an alternative to U.S. capitalism and free markets.

As reported Friday by the Examiner, part of this new reality is being implemented by what is known as "Agenda 21."

But the U.N. has more in its arsenal. This initiative is called the U.N. Development Program, which decides how third world nations, particularly in Africa, can be controlled and manipulated by pumping money into the region, primarily from the United States. The goal is to make Africa the world's "bread basket" as an alternative to U.S. dominance of the food commodities market. This would greatly dismantle America's economic standing in the world, weakening the United States in every aspect of its existence across the board.

A series of secret and little known meetings have been conducted by the U.N. on this very concept for a number of years.

Another means of reaching this goal is the deliberate dumbing down and politicization of education, both in the United States and Great Britain. This has already been discussed in an earlier report, but the new information that has been disclosed shows an even more sinister force at work. Not only is there a concerted effort to slant school lessons toward socialism and Communism, but in Great Britain in particular, schools are no longer teaching the Holocaust as a historical fact due to the lame excuse that "it may offend some citizens."

One can only deduce that those who would be offended at such a thing are Muslims who have moved into the UK by the multithousands. This is but one consequence of "multiculturalism," which in this case means that the mere presence of Muslims in one's country means that the entire country must buy into the ridiculous mindset that the Holocaust never happened.

The whistle blower further charges that across Europe governments have begun to negate Habeas Corpus and trial by jury. Attacks on free speech under "hate crime laws" where citizens can be hauled away in the middle of the night to face incarceration by someone, somewhere, with little or no legal recourse, is becoming more common.

Meanwhile back in America, government operatives have made it their business to go into local communities with the sole objective to form relationships with school board members and elected officials within the community, for the purpose of swaying these persons toward an agenda that undercuts American exceptionalism, capitalism, free enterprise, free speech, and instead emphasizing what is known euphemistically as "democratic consensus building."

The Framers would have called this "tyranny by majority rule," or "democratic despotism."

Americans are already suffering the consequences of this scam in their educational system. The public schools are so bad that Harvard and MIT both report that they must get 50 percent of their students from overseas, such as India and China. The reason? Most American students can't meet the bare minimum standards.

This is by design. Make the American high school graduate as dumb as possible so that they are sitting ducks for Marxist-Leninist indoctrination and propaganda.

The informed citizen can readily see the consequences of this program of destruction each day in American life. Facts do not matter. Politicians can make them up with no accountability. Truth does not matter. Truth is what the government authority says it is. Elected officials can lie incessantly to the public, and no one is called to pay the price for it. In fact, if one of the favored ones such as Obama tells a series of lies, then it is only in the attempt to reach an approved goal, at least in the muddled thinking of the progressive/Marxist/collectivist machine. And as long as the end result is centralized government control, then lying, deception, and obfuscation are honorable means of reaching that goal. This is not only Communism 101 but Nazism 101.

Thus, America's fate hangs by a thread. Not only are there enemies within that have reached most of their goals in the total destruction of the country, but dubious forces from the outside, such as the EU and the nations of the U.N., are working overtime to finish the job.

These are dark days, indeed.


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